This I Believe~Meditation



Power of Meditation

This, I Believe

I believe that meditation is a state of well being, a practice of humility and transformation into the the core of ones soul. Meditation can transform an angry man into a loving man; an anxious woman into a free woman; and a overzealous child into a balanced child.

I was angry. I was anxious. I was overzealous. I was unbalanced in my mind, body, and soul.

In this world I live in, I see traffic everywhere I turn.  I face billboards with the allusion that if it’s plastered, I must have it.  I live in a world that is constructed on the sole purpose of what possessions I have and how attractive I appear.  I live in a world where competition is unavoidable. I’m stretched in every area of my life.  I live in a world of clutter.

As I woke up one morning, I found myself reading my Bible and the words I saw spoke to me in a way that I knew I could never be the same.

“Find your rest in me.”

I began to ponder what those words truly meant.  How could I find my rest in an accelerated world?  If I’m not doing my homework, then I’m feeding my husband. If i’m not feeding my husband, then I’m cleaning the house from the week before. Time seems to escape me everyday.

I realized it would take discipline. It would mean me taking the time to sit down and collect my thoughts.  Doing such allows me to focus on what is good and not on the negative thoughts of an active lifestyle.

When I sit down and transform my mind, I inhale what is good and exhale all the bad. I find myself in a perfect place of rest.  As a woman of faith, I find the present time that I’m in and take in the moment that I am alive in Christ.

Meditation has shaped me into a calm, loving and joyful person.  I have found my identity. I have opened my soul up to a beautiful calm world that is hidden behind noise and clutter.  I have transformed my thoughts into positives and erased bad habits that were corrupting me.

I believe that meditation shapes me into the real person I was meant to be.  I believe it is a process of transformation.  It allows peace to come into my life and open up a world of possibilities.  I believe that daily meditation can change me into a better person.  It allows me to reach beyond what I ever saw was possible in myself.